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Participatory evaluation create the best opportunity for improvement and innovation for all actors, beneficiaries and stakeholders. Evaluation is part of organisational learning.

Our toolkit is filled with a mix of participatory methods ranging from Actor Analysis, Appreciative Inquiry and Meta Praxis of McWhinney, to more impact oriented approaches like Peace and Conflict Impact assessment (PCIA), Outcome Mapping, Impact Grid and Do-No-Harm. Impact grid is an interactive group method to give partner organisations the space to discuss and evaluate project activities in relation to the impact the activities had on the project context. The Do-No-Harm method focuses even more on the impact of activities in order to learn and redesign the project activities. Both approaches can be very well combined with our appreciative, interactive and participative approach to group work facilitation.

We apply a multi-methodological approach as combining various work methods and work forms ensures the most holistic way of working. By engaging all relevant stakeholders in a participatory process, we can more easily and effectively point out blind spots and hidden perspectives.

We are familiar with the evaluation tools on international standards and guidelines, and adapted criteria like OECD/DAC. Deliverables will be written in mutual agreement. We find it important to work in such a way that all project parties are practically enabled to use the evaluation results for the improvement of their programming, in a practical hands-on manner.

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