As a team, we offer extensive experience in various programs of development cooperation, humanitarian intervention and peace building: as proposal writers, for inception missions, in training and facilitation during running projects, in monitoring and evaluation as well as in writing concise practical reports. We have a broad working experience in conflict regions, and we are familiar with the mechanisms and drivers behind conflicts. We have field experience in the western Balkans, the Middle East, and Libya. We enjoy working in a constructive way to find out what contributes to the improvement of a program and which elements in humanitarian assistance are in need of growth and development. Our professional cooperation ensures high productivity and efficiency to achieve the maximum output for our clients.

Nicolien Zuijdgeest is a Middle East and North Africa expert, well informed about the recent developments in the region and experienced working in several conflict areas and realities on the ground. Mrs. Zuijdgeest is as expert connected to the Dutch ‘Het Grote Midden-Oosten Platform’ (the Greater Middle East Platform) which is well known for its holistic and interdisciplinary approach of the region:

She works an independent consultant in international relations, development cooperation and education. Her focus is on change management, organisation development and team building, with a special eye for inclusion, gender, psychosocial support and learning processes. She enjoys working with people, connecting them and creating common ground for future perspectives.

She worked in Libya in 2014 as mentor for Libyan women’s organizations that provide psychosocial support to female victims of violence. Since the country became to unstable, she continued with remote monitoring, mentoring on a distance and conducting training missions for the Libyan teams outside Libya (in Tunisia, Jordan and Egypt) in the field organisation development, team building and professional development (mental health and psychosocial support (MHPPS)).

Her working laguages are: Dutch, English, German, French and Arabic.

Kees Wiebering works as an independent consultant, facilitator, trainer and coach in development cooperation and peace building. His speciality is organisation development and conflict management. As both an applied physics engineer and a philosopher, he has a detailed eye for both technological and social aspects of projects and their infrastructure.

We benefit from Kees Wiebering’s vast experience and committment to humanitarian work. Since 1995, he worked in the Balkan region under various short-term assignments. From 2000 to 2004, he worked full-time in Kosovo. In 2000 and 2001, he worked as head of mission of HealthNet International in Kosovo, managing a programme for developing sustainable mental healthcare institutions. From 2001 to 2004, he worked in the framework of the German Civil Peace Service.

Since then, his consultancy work focused on civil society development, organisation development in crisis regions and peace building, including several consultancy missions for organisation development, evaluation and trainings in dialogue and mediation.

In recent years, he started lecturing on the topic of humanitarian intervention and civil society cooperation. His research interest is the role of dialogue in peacebuilding.

His working laguages are: Dutch, English and German.

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